Tezel Öğrenci Yurtları Çanakkale

Dear parents and distinguished students,

First of all, we as the family of Private Tezel Student Dormitories congratulate you all on earning the right to study in our historic town of Çanakkale, after completing an ardouos marathon, and wish you further success for the remainder of your life as a student.

It is our goal to meet your accomodation needs in a friendly enviroment duringyour stay in Çanakkale and contribute to your success by providing the same level of comfort you are all used to back home.

As Çanakkale’s most comprehensive and modern dormitory complex, which is subject to the supervision and inspection of the Ministry of Education, we also pride ourselves on being hosts to and providing the best services for our international students who come predominantly from Greece, Bulgaria any Turkic Republics, but also various other countries in the world as well..

With our sincere, friendly and experienced administrators and staff members who you can turn to whenever you are need of anything, Private Tezel Student Dormitories will become your second home in Çanakkale. We will be happy to welcome you all in dormitories.

Tezel Kız Öğrenci Yurdu Çanakkale, Tezel Erkek Öğrenci Yurdu Çanakkale